Chester & North WalesBest value airsoft experience

Located between Wrexham and Chester on the North Wales/Cheshire border, Outpost airsoft offers you the opportunity to skirmish at a genuine Cold War military base.

Real Concrete Bunkers, Towers and Gun emplacements, ammunition storage huts alongside our custom built areas.

Pricing from £20 per player for members, £30 for nonmembers.

M4 Aeg hire kit £15 per day.

HPA air and electric hook ups included in skirmish fee (Bring your charger, we have sockets). Arrive between 9 and 9:30. Briefing 10am. Games start straight after.

Rifles rules: Bolt action snipers - 500 fps DMR - 400 FPS, 2 Second delay between trigger pulls. Anything else, pistols, shotguns, rifles, 350 fps.

Upcoming games: Every sat and sunday going forward through the autumn. We can run a week day game if you can get 10 players together, give us a shout and as much notice as possible. Evening games can be organised on a Wednesday, drop us a message and we can add you to our evening group chat.

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