Fallout 2019

Fallout – Chimera
Year: Unknown
Day: Unknown
Country: Sector 49 (formerly Chester UK)
No one knows who struck first. All out nuclear war turned the ground to glass. Tsunamis and earthquakes flattened cities and a cloud of soot and ash plunged the world into complete darkness.
Surviving at all odds, 2 main factions had emerged dominating the landscape. The Stalker Clan and the Brotherhood had been fighting for as long as anyone could remember.
By time the clouds cleared and the last survivors began to venture out it became apparent that a deadly neuro-toxin named ‘Chimera’ was lurking in the air.
When all seemed lost, news came of a former research colony located in the Cheshire Countryside, code named Outpost. It was believed that scientists who created Chimera had also created a cure.
Both factions sent teams of their best fighters to the Outpost in a last ditch effort to save mankind.
Here our stage is set, who will be victorious………….
Join us for a third Fallout weekender, watch the page for updates.
Camping on site, with a bbq and film on a big screen on Saturday night.
We will be holding a best loadout competition, so get scavenging 😉
Raffle will be held on the Sunday, tickets will be on sale in February.

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