With the available reserves of crude oil in the world constantly diminishing, the communist government of the People’s Republic of China declared war on the United states, invading Alaska for the few remaining sources of oil there. The Sino-American war raged for eleven years, eventually culminating in a nuclear exchange between China and the United States. Both nations had built up huge stockpiles of nuclear weapons and the mutual attack drew in enemies and allies from all around the world, igniting every hatred forged throughout the century-long cold war. Although the conflict lasted only two hours, the destruction it brought was staggering and complete. More energy was released in the early moments of the exchange than in all previous global conflicts combined. This global nuclear conflict came to be known as the “Great War”.The world that remained was harsh and unforgiving. Ninety years after the Great War, humanity struggled to survive. On the surface, bandits and organized gangs fought over the crumbling remains of once-great cities, and mutants prowled the irradiated wastes.

Factions tbc

Side missions: Find NPCs and either return them to the in game shop or complete their mission for bonus caps.
Anyone wearing post apoc gear will be given in game rewards in a tiered system, more details to follow. (Prizes for the best outfits)
Saturday evening – survival game, a stand alone individually based game with cap rewards that can be used Sunday.

Saturday: Games are shorter missions in seperate areas with a mixed skirmish and objective format.
Sunday: Full site large area, objective based with npc side missions. More details to follow.

The fallout currency is caps. Each player will be assigned 100 caps to start. More can be found, captured or earned.